Says, Here’s Your Afternoon Blogroll!

Buddhist family sues Louisiana parish over indoctrination :

I’m not sure why state and international actors continue to chip away at possible negotiating tactics with kidnapping and terrorist organizations (or both), but they do.  Some smart person will tell me reasons why, though.

Looks matter in merchandising, and even with food.  Who knew?!

The Monkey Cage estimates the GOP having a 44% chance to take back the Senate, except when they think it may be higher, or lower.  (variations are a mother) :

Football and hookers.  Okay, maybe not the hookers.  Here is the story of how cities like to sweep away outsiders as they prepare for big events.  Related, see link above about food and aesthetics:

Story about how the GOP lost the farm due to some parts of the GOP, rightly, abandoning bad Farm Bills.  Of course the farm use to belong to the Democrats, and the rural, agrarian ancestors of the old Jeffersonian tradition.  In any event, it’s an interesting story of political shifting post 2008.


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